MY Story

It Ain't Over! I'm Still Breathing!

From Brat To The Boom

My name is Robert Harrion, and it’s time that  you get to know the real me. 

I was born in the good old city of Jackson Mississippi, however my father was in the US Navy, so I actually grew up in different parts of the USA and Europe. Living in other countries gave me the opportunity to enjoy a diverse experience of cultures and languages, but it also kept me away from family and a true sense of a hometown community. I was able to attend high school in beautiful Rota Spain where I excelled in band, football, basketball and track & field. After high school I really wanted to go back home and get in touch with my Mississippi roots, so I chose to attend college at #Thee Jackson State University where I pursued degrees in both Business-Marketing & Music, and was also a member of the world renowned college marching band, 

The Sonic Boom Of The South

We Want The Funk

While at the university, some college friends and I formed an R&B/Funk Band that became very popular throughout the southeast United States in the 1980's. After many years of hitting stages on what's referred to as the Chitt'lin Circuit, I got this strange, yet powerful  feeling...that if I kept doing what I was doing, and living such a reckless lifestyle, that I could actually be dead within a year. After a little bit of contemplation and hesitation, I decided to listen to what was put on my conscience and abruptly walked away from what would have been a very promising music career.

Honey I'm Home

After consulting with good friends in the entertainment industry, I made the decision to pursue a career in modeling and acting. I was able to get some training and land a few gigs in Mississippi and Tennessee, but I knew that I would ultimately have to relocate in order to make it in that industry. Right about the time I was preparing to relocate to Atlanta, I went out to a local nightclub to celebrate, and low and behold, I met a woman. Now as it turns out, this particular woman was not just any other woman... 

I immediately knew that she would become my wife.

Long story short, I never made it to Atlanta as I ended up moving to Phoenix Arizona to be with this God sent wife of mine. I considered it a win-win situation though… I get to be with the woman of my dreams and I could also grow deeper into the modeling and acting thing. 

Family First

While modeling and acting on a part-time basis, I began working in the hospitality and real estate industries of Arizona. Good thing I did because soon after, my wife gave birth to our first daughter. Within the next few years, we gave birth to our other two girls. Needless to say, the modeling & acting thing had to be put on hold to focus on family! 

I worked very hard during the ups and downs of the local hospitality and real estate markets. After the devastating real estate crash of 2007, I hung in there with a promising career as an event manager at a well known resort in Phoenix...until the bomb dropped on my life...

I Can't Die!

In July of 2015, I found out that I had an aggressive abdominal cancer that was not giving me much time to live. I went to three different doctors, and all they wanted to do was prepare me and my family for an ultimate death. Not giving up, and having a strong faith in a Higher Power, I found myself consulting with Dr. Nabil Wasif, a surgeon at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix Arizona. This surgeon ran the necessary tests, and finally sat me down to share the news. He told me that yes, he would perform the surgery, however there is really only about a thirty percent (or less) chance of survival. This surgeon told me that he would do his part, but the recovery will be hard and I had to agree to do my part...Fight For My Life! I did my part and fought very hard to not only live, but to regain whatever "normal" lifestyle that I could. 

I ended up spending 33 Days in the hospital recovering from 3 separate surgeries. While lying on my back, during one of those moments of me deciding whether to keep fighting to live...or not, I received a message from Spirit. 

This message came in three parts: 

1. You need to live because your wife and your daughters need you in their lives.

2. You need to live because your future grandchildren deserve to know you.

3. You need to live because your testimony and your spiritual vision will make a positive impact and change the lives of many people.

“After 25 Years, She Said Yes ...Again” ❤️

It Ain't Over! I'm Still Here!

I have spent most of my adult life serving as an inspiration to many people such as other cancer survivors, musicians, entrepreneurs, executives, political figures, entertainers, clergy, athletes, and many others just like you... 

Now, after more than four years of restoring myself physically, mentally and spiritually after conquering cancer, I am ready to tell my story(s)... 

Through my inspirational speaking, music and spiritual gifts, I vow to always inspire you to strive for the highest in all areas of your life.

“It’s easy to know what you’re willing to die for, but there is freedom in knowing what you’re willing to live for”!

Tune in to my video journey called "Pain 2 Power"!

I would love to hear from you. 

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