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#Pain2Power Who Do You Run To?

Who do you run to when you're exercising, eating right and living right, but you're diagnosed with an aggressive abdominal cancer?

Who do you run to when you're the one that everyone else runs to?

Who do you run to when you need a source of strength?

Who do you run to when the "strong one" is YOU?

Pain2Power "What Is An Ostomy"?

Celebrating #WorldOstomyDay After walking in my very first 5K, I felt compelled to further participate in the event’s theme: "Speaking Out Changes Lives". Thank you United Ostomy Associations of America for changing my life!! 💛

Pain2Power ATL Radio Interview

Take a listen as I share the journey from Pain2Power on, WWWE-1100 ATL, and iHeart Radio

Pain2Power, The Hero’s Journey Podcast Part 1

Listen to the video version of a podcast interview that takes you on the inside of my journey of beating and surviving cancer...

Pain2Power: I Cant Die

From the time I heard that I had cancer, I refused to believe that I would die! Listen to hear why...

Pain2power: social media launch

As promised, I am posting the official social media launch of ROBERT HARRION!!
It's taken me 3 years to get to a place physically, mentally and spiritually in order to share my battle & victory over cancer.
I hope and pray that you are inspired and follow me on my journey from PAIN2POWER


It's my 54th birthday, and I'm still here...

Robert & Tammi 25 Years (2017)

After 25 years of marriage, 3 beautiful daughters together, and me surviving major abdominal cancer, I wanted to marry my Queen all over again....